A few hints to ease the burden of your move:


  • Mark any boxes which contain fragile contents.
  • Small boxes are the best.
  • For standard format mattresses, we provide you with covers.
  • Don’t forget to reserve yours for your move.
  • Pack away all electronic equipment in original boxes where possible!
  • Start by packing away any belongings which you use least on a daily basis.
  • Make sure you defrost the fridge and leave the door ajar.


  • Make sure that a parking space is made available near to the entrance of your address; it should be big enough for a removal lorry.

*We can take care of the formality of reserving the parking space at an administrative cost of €15.


  • If it is not possible to use a lifting machine, contact the owner of the property to find out the best way to proceed in terms of using the lift.

The day of your move:

  • You must be present on the day of the move, both during the loading period and during delivery. However, you may send a representative if you are unavailable.
  • On delivery, you will tell the removal staff where each piece of furniture is to be placed.